Species List of Birds of Jungaro-Alatau National Park,

Almaty Province, Kazakhstan

by Svetlana Baskakova (Wild Nature NGO): baskakova2008@mail.ru

and Georgiy Shakula (Kazakh State al-Farabi University): 2005_shakula@mail.ru


Jungaro-Alatau National Park (N 45° 23´, E 80° 35´) was established in June 2010 on the Northern macroslope of Jungarian range (Northern Tien-Shan). The total reserved area is 356022 hectars.

The Wild Nature NGO provided the Jungaro-Alatau National Park birds research on Suluk ridge and Akhanakty river bazin including Jasylkol lake from 16th to 27th of July 2010. The high from 956 m (Lepsy river canyon) to 2795 m above sea level (Suluk ridge top) in between Akhanakty and Karbushka rivers was observed. It covers the foothills steppe (to 1200 m), mountain fruit-forest level (1200-1350 m), the mountain small-leaved wood and forest meadow zone (1350-1700 m), the dark coniferous forest zone, Juniper brushwoods and meadow grasslands (1700-2200 m), subalpine meadows (2200-2700 m), alpine steppes (above 2700 m).



We would like to thank Falko and Silke Von Ameln with their sweet daughers – Kira and Maya – 2 and 4 years old for the idea to visit the Park, for their sponsorship and sharing all the weather adversities in this expedition; David Berghof (Stantours Arency) for logistic support and doing permits to the frontier zone, Sabir Mikhalev – the community based tourism manager in Lepsinsk and his wife – mathematics school teacher for perfect local arrangement, Bolatkhan Amankulov – the Park ranger for his companionship and horses hire, Slava – for the comfortable drive us from Almaty and back.


Species sequence, taxonomy and nomenclature follow: Wassink, A & Oreel, G J 2008. The birds of Kazakhstan. Russian species names are given in according with Gavrilov E., 1999.


Species List


1. Himalayan Snowcock. Tetraogallus himalayensis sewerzowi. Гималайский улар: 1 ad -21/07/2010 on high grass slope above the last honey farm.

2. Common Quail. Coturnix coturnix coturnix. Перепел: 24/07/2010 – noise on the elevation 2609 m and 25/07/2010 –“fledges saving” demonstration on a meadow on 1297 m high.

3. Common Pheasant. Phasianus colchicus mongolicus. Фазан: 1 bird -21/07/2010 on high grass slope above the last honey farm.

4. Black Kite. Milvus migrans lineatus. Черный коршун: 16/07/2919 – 1 bird was flying in Lepsinsk town and 25/07/2010 – 1 bird was seen in dark coniferous forest zone.

5. Egyptian Vulture. Neophron percnopterus percnopterus. Стервятник: 25/07/2010 – 1 bird was seen soaring on Suluk ridge 1297 m high.

6. Hen Harrier. Circus cyaneus cyaneus. Полевой лунь: 25/07/2010 – 1 female was seen on 2004 m elevation.

7. Northern Goshawk. Accipiter gentilis schvedowi. Тетеревятник: 25/07/2010 - a bird attacked Buzzard in the air in dark coniferous forest zone, 27/07/2010 – agressive behavior to Carrion Crow in Lepsy river bed next to Lepsinsk town.

8. Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Accipiter nisus nisus. Перепелятник: 20/07/2010 – 1 bird flew above the highest homey farm 1270 m high.

9. Common Buzzard. Buteo buteo vulpinus. Канюк: 16/07/2010 – 2 birds and 27/07/2010 – 1 in Lepsinsk and surround. 25/07/2010 was attacked by Northern Goshawk in the air in dark coniferous forest zone and 25/07/2010 – one more bird was seen above low grassland.

10. Booted Eagle. Aquila pennata pennata. Орел-карлик: 26/07/2010 - 1 light morph bird flew next to Jolanashka Ranger Station on 1084 m high.

11. Golden Eagle. Aquila chrysaetos daphanea. Беркут: common on Suluk upland: 23/07/2010 – 1 bird, 24/07/2010 – 5 birds per day, 25/07/2010 – 1 bird in dark coniferous forest zone on 2186 m level.

12. Common Kestrel. Falco tinunculus tinunculus. Пустельга: quite common on Suluk upland: 21/07/2010 – 1 bird, 24/07/2010 – 4 birds per day, including one pair, 27/07/2010 – 1 bird in Lepsinsk and 1 above grassland next to the town.

13. Eurasian Hobby. Falco subbuteo subbuteo. Чеглок: common, but not big in number in all zones: 17/07/2010 – 1 bird near by Jasylkol lake, 23/07/2010 – 1 bird in Suluk upland, 25/07/2010 – caught Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis) next to Jolanashka Ranger Station on 1297 m high, 27/07/2010 – 2 birds surround Lepsinsk.

14. Common Sandpiper. Actitis hypoleucos. Перевозчик: 16/07/2010 – 1 bird on Jalanashka river, 17-19/07/2010 – a pair on Jasylkol lake.

15. Rock Dove. Columbia livia neglecta / forma domestica. Сизый голубь: common in Lepsinsk and a few birds on Jolanashka Ranger Station.

16. Common Wood Pigeon. Columba palumbus casiotis. Вяхирь: 27/07/2010 – one flying bird dropped an excrement capsule down from Jolanashka Ranger Station.

17. Eurasian Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto stoliczkae. Кольчатая горлица: common in Lepsinsk.

18. Western Oriental Turtle Dove. Streptopelia orientalis meena. Большая горлица: quite common in forests zones: mentioned 17-19/07/2010 near by Jasylkol lake and 27/07/2010 - 2 flying birds down from Jolanashka Ranger Station.

19. Laughing Dove. Streptopelia senegalensis ermanni. Малая горлица: in Lepsinsk.

20. Common Cuckoo. Cuculus canorus subtelephonus. Кукушка: once in Lepsinsk - 27/07/2010.

21. European Scops Owl. Otus scops pulchellus. Сплюшка: was heard once 25/07/2010 on Jolanashka Ranger Station.

22. Long-eared Owl. Asio otus otus. Ушастая сова: 1 ad and 2 juv was seen at night 25/07/2010 on Jolanashka Ranger Station.

23. White-winged Woodpecker. Dendrocopus leucopterus leptorhynchus. Белокрылый дятел: 20/07/2010 – 1 female on dry poplar on Jasylkol lake.

24. Barn Swallow. Hirundo rustica rustica. Деревенская ласточка: mentioned in Lepsinsk and on Jolanashka Ranger Station.

25. Common House Martin. Delichon urbicum urbicum. Городская ласточка: a flock about 20 birds was flying above rocks 24/07/2010 in the evening, 2344 m high.

26. Tree Pipit. Anthus trivialis haringtoni. Лесной конек: common breeding bird on the high limit of forest zone: 23/07/2010 – a bird with food in a bill was seen, 25/07/2010 - another bird with food, total 9 birds per day, including two bathing in a small puddle on rock.

27. Water Pipit. Anthus spinoletta blakistoni. Горный конек: very common subalpine bird, 24/07/2010 – a nest with 3 eggs was discovered.

28. Grey Wagtail. Motacilla cinerea melanope. Горная трясогузка: 16/07/2010 – 2 birds on Jolanashka river, 17/07/2010 – on Jasylkol lake.

29. Masked Wagtail. Motacilla personata personata. Маскированная трясогузка: 2 birds on Jolanashka Ranger Station.

30. Winter Wren. Troglodytes troglodytes tianschanicus. Крапивник: common on rocks in dark coniferous forest surround Jasylkol lake.

31. Asian Accentor. Prunella fulvescens fulvescens. Бледная завирушка: 23-25/07/2010 – mentioned in subalpine zone on Suluk ridge, common on large rocks close to snow patches and juniper brushwood.

32. Bluethroat. Luscinia svecica tianshanica. Варакушка: 25/07/2010 – 4 birds per day on 2420 m high.

33. Redstart. Phoenicurus phoenicurus phoenicurus. Обыкновенная горихвостка: common in dark coniferous forest zone: 17/07/2010 – 1 bird surround Jasylkol lake, 23/07/2010 – on Suluk ridge on the high limit of forest zone, 25/07/2010 – singing male, 2344 m elevation.

34. Güldenstädt’s Redstart. Phoenicurus erythrogaster grandis. Краснобрюхая горихвостка: 24/07/2010 – 1 bird was flushed from Burnet (Sanguisorba) thicket in stream in Juniper brushwood and meadow grassland zone.

35. Siberian Stonechat. Saxicola maurus maurus. Черноголовый чекан: 25/07/2010 – more then 60 birds were feeding on Cirsium, Dock (Rumex) and Burdock (Arctium) on a meadow 1297 m high, juv – mainly, only one bird looked like the typical male, 27/07/2010 - common in between Jolanashka Ranger Station and Lepsinsk, in Lepsinsk and along Lepsy river.

36. Northern Wheatear. Oenanthe oenanthe oenanthe. Обыкновенная каменка: 21,23,25/07/2010 – very common in subalpine zone close to huge rocks, in pairs, from 2300 to 2374 m high.

37. Mistle Thrush. Turdus viscivorus bonapartei. Деряба:17/07/2010 – common in dard coniferous forest zone, male is singing in the evening, 23/07/2010 – 11 birds together in subalpine zone, 25/07/2010 – a pair, one bird with food in aspen wood below 2000 m.

38. Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler. Locustella certhiola centralasiae. Певчий сверчок or Common Grasshopper Warbler. Locustella naevia straminae. Обыкновенный сверчок: 20/07/2010 – 1 bird in high grass thickets on 1896 m level, 21/07/2010 – min 2 birds again in grass on a meadow.

39. Blyth’s Reed Warbler. Acrocephalus dumetorum. Садовая камышевка: 20/07/2010 – 2 birds on rasberry (Rubus) glade next to Jasylkol lake.

40. Common Whitethroat. Sylvia communis rubicola. Серая славка: 21/07/2010 – 2 birds on Suluk ridge above the high honey farm, 25/07/2010 – at least 1 bird in a flock of about 60 Siberian Stonechats and one European Goldfinch feeding on weeds on a meadow 1297 m high, 27/07/2010 – 6-7 birds in Willow trees on Lepsy river 956 m high.

41. Greenish Warbler. Phylloscopus trochiloides viridanus. Зеленая пеночка: 16-19/07/2010 – very common in small-leaved forest along Akhanakty river and Jasylkol lake, males are singing, 25/07/2010 – very common in juniper bushes on the level 2344 m.

42. Sulphur-bellied Warbler. Phylloscopus griseolus. Индийская пеночка: 17-20/07/2010 – very common on Jasylkol lake, males are singing in mass, ad are feeding fledges – 1643 m high, 27/07/2010 – at least 3 birds in Willows on Lepsy river on 956 m high.

43. Goldcrest. Regulus regulus tristis. Королек: 19/07/2010 – once was seen in the crown of fir-tree (Abies) on Jasylkol lake.

44. Long-tailed Tit. Aegithalos caudatus caudatus. Ополовник: 26/07/2010 - a small flock in river bed forest on Karbushka river next to Jolanashka Ranger Station

45. Azure Tit. Cyanistes cyanus tianschanicus. Белая лазоревка: 16/07/2010 – birds with food, two families together and Great tit in the same flock – in small-leaved forest along Akhanakty river, 20/07/2010 – a pair on high homey farm, 26/07/2010 – 6 or 7 birds surround Jolanashka Ranger Station.

46. Great Tit. Parus major major. Большая синица: 16/07/2010 – next to Jolanashka Ranger station and in joint flock with two Azure Tits families, 17/07/2010 – on Akhanaty river on 1175 m high, 26-27/07/2010 – nests under the roof of Jolanashka Ranger Station.

47.  Grey Shrike. Lanius excubitor funereus. Серый сорокопут: 23/07/2010 – a pair on about 2600 m high, one was sitting on the fir-tree top.

48. Eurasian Magpie. Pica pica bactrianus. Сорока: 27/07/2010 – two pairs in Lepsinsk.

49. Spotted Nutcracker. Nucifraga caryocatactes rothschildi. Кедровка: 17/07/2010 – 1 bird in dark coniferous forest next to Jasylkol lake and 21/07/2010 – 1 bird flew on Suluk ridge a little bit higher dark forest zone above the high honey farm.

50. Carrion Crow. Corvus corone orientalis. Черная ворона: 16/07/2010 – a few in Lepsinsk town, 16 and 25/07/2010 – 8 birds on Jolanashka Ranger Station, 22/07/2010 – noise on the plateau on Suluk ridge above Jasylkol lake in juniper brash wood zone on 2374 m high, 25//07/2010 – was seen in dark coniferous forest zone.

51. Common Starling. Sturnus vulgaris porphyronotus. Скворец: 16/07/2010 – are feeding fledges in the bird-box in Lepsinsk.

52. Common Myna. Acridotheres tristis tristis. Майна: 16 and 25-26/07/2010 – at least 3 birds on Jolanashka Ranger Station, 27/07/2010 – in Lepsinsk.

53. Greenfinch. Chloris chloris turkestanicus. Зеленушка: 27/07/2010 – fledges in the nest on the fir-tree in Jolanashka Ranger Station yard.

54. Eurasian Siskin. Carduelis spinus. Чиж: 25/07/2010 – once on a fir-tree on 2186 m high.

55. European Goldfinch. Carduelis carduelis paropanisi. Седоголовый щегол: 16/07/2010 – common singing in Lepsinsk, 2 birds on Jolanashka Ranger Station, 25/07/2010 – at least one bird was feeding on weeds in joint flock with about 60 Siberian Stonechats and one Whitethroat, 26-27/07/2010 – a few in the animal yard of Jolnashka Ranger Station, singing.

56. Common Linnet. Carduelis cannabina fringillirostris. Коноплянка: 25/07/2010 – 1 bird was seen on the Suluk ridge on 1896 m level in juniper brush wood zone.

57. Common Crossbill. Loxia curvirostra tianschanica. Клест-еловик: 17-18/07/2010 – are flying above fir-trees in flocks of 2-3 birds in rainy weather on Jasylkol lake, 1643 m high, 25/07/2010 – noise in dark coniferous forest zone on 2186 m high.

58. Common Rosefinch. Carpodacus erythrinus ferghanansis. Обыкновенная чечевица: 16-27/07/2010 - common in all the vertical zones, excluding alpine level, singing.

59. Red-mantled Rosefinch. Carpodacus rhodochlamys. Арчовая чечевица: 23/07/2010 – 1 bird was seen on Suluk ridge on 2500 m level.



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