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Founded in 1926, Aksu-Jabagly is the first Nature Reserve established in Central Asia. It is part of the Talas Alatau Range in the Western Tien Shan mountains and covers an area of 132 square kilometers, rising from 1,100 meters at Jabagly village to over 4,238 meters above sea level at Sairam Peak.

There are 52 species of mammals, including Snow Leopard and White-clawed Bear as well as Lynx, Ibex (Mountain Goat), Argali (Mountain Sheep) and Marmot. Rare and endangered birds include the Golden Eagle, Eurasian Eagle owl, Lammergeyer and Himalayan Griffon Vulture.


     Золотистая щурка (Merops apiaster)


  • Hike and ride inside or outside the Aksu-Jabagly Nature Reserve
  • See wild tulips in the spring and alpine meadows in the summer
  • Picnic at the bottom of Aksu Gorge
  • Listen to the village children play dombra music
  • Purchase local handicrafts
  • Drive to Kazakhstan’s most famous historic site, a 14th century mausoleum in Turkestan
  • Taste traditional Kazakh dishes and locally made beverages and kumyss (fermented mare’s milk)
  • Feel modern comfort and traditional hospitality


Lying at the foot of the West Tien Shan mountains, a simple Kazakh village with a dramatic mountain backdrop, Jabagly offers visitors stays in private homes sharing meals at a Kazakh-style low table. At the end of the day, you can watch the cows returning from the pasture to their homes in the village. Quiet yet uplifting, rural and timeless – the heart of Kazakhstan.



CBT seeks to ensure that local communities benefit from visitors to their region. The aim is to raise the standard of living of the villagers and protect the environment as well. At

least 20% of tourist spending is

retained for nature conservation and tourism development which is in harmony with the local ecology.


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